Keyhole spinal; surgery is minimally invasive surgery, where the surgeon accesses internal structures through a very small incision thus eliminating the need for open
surgery. This keyhole surgery can be performed  for many spinal problems, such as spinal stenosis, disc buldge, herniated disc or prolapse disc.

For keyhole surgery, a thin tube called an endoscope with a light source; a camera mounted on its top, is passed into the operational site through a small incision. The surgeon then creates other small incisions to pass micro-instruments.
 Key hole surgery includes key hole spinal fusion surgical options like Endoscopic OLIF/TLIF/ALIF Surgery for lumbar spine related problems or Endoscopic ACDF surgery for cervical disc related problem.
 Key hole surgery also includes Spine Decompression only like MIcro-posteiro forminotomy for cervical spine or Microdiscectomy/microdecompression
surgery in lumbar spine.