Back pain can severely affect the individual making difficult to walk or stand or sit thus compromise the quality of life. Modifying the daily activities and learning techniques that reduce stress on the back are crucial to keeping your spine healthy.  Lifestyle management consists of mental, physical, social and behavioral health thus plays an integral role in everyone’s life.Optimum health is essential to acquire the targets of life that you can easily get from lifestyle management.
It includes –
Practice good posture and proper Ergonomics

Bad posture can put more pressure on the back or neck and result in back pain or neck pain. Practicing the right posture,
even for few minutes, can make a whole lot of difference. A right posture makes sure you to use the right back muscles and doesn’t put excessive strain on the spine or other parts that are susceptible to injury.

“ERGO” means “work” and “NOMICS” means “rules” or “laws”. Ergonomics literally means- “the laws of work”. It is the study of people’s/worker’s efficiency at their working environment. OSHA (Occupational Safety And Health Association) defines ergonomics as the “science of designing the job to fit the worker, instead of forcing the worker to fit the job”.
 It can make a huge difference when you need to sit before a computer for extended periods of work.

Exercise and Physical Fitness 
The back and abdomen muscles should be strong and toned enough to support the spine and take pressure off your lower back. Also neck muscles should be strong enough to support the normal curvature of cervical spine. The exercises that stretch and strengthen the back as well as neck should be done regularly. It is generally recommended that everyone should do 30mins excercise two times a day in morning and evening.
Maintain a healthy weight and Diet Plan
Weight according o your height should be maintained. Obesityoften contributes to back pain and neck pain. Some recommendations to keep your good spine health
are as follows –
 Adjusting monitor height and keyboard placement while working.
 Standing intermittently to relieve neck stress and relaxing the muscles.
 Limiting phone and computer screen use and also practicing to take few minutes (if possible) to look away from computer and phone screens.
 Walk around the workplace, also helps to build a better workplace relation and also helps in relaxing. Stay in motion

  • Avoid awkward positions
     Use a firm or medium-firm mattress. Keep your spine naturally aligned. For back sleepers, try placing a pillow
    beneath the knees to reduce stress on the lower back. For side sleepers, try placing a pillow between the knees to keep the hips balanced
     Good shoes provide a supportive base that helps the spine and body remain in alignment.
     Excercise – Stretch and strengthen the back and neck.
     Maintain a healthy weight -Reduce or eliminate inflammatory foods.
     Don’t Smoke. …
  •  Try yoga.
  •  Get into the water – stay hydrated